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27 June 2009

Visit the Actors' Church

St Paul's Church, on Covent Garden Piazza, is commonly known as the Actors' Church due to its proximity to London's various West End theatres.

Designed by Inigo Jones, and completed in 1633, it has witnessed a great deal of history. The first victim of the Plague in England, Margaret Ponteous, was buried in the graveyard in 1665, with many other Plague victims following her, and the artist J.M.W. Turner was baptised here in

The Church is well known for its portico, under which street theatre takes place daily, and it was here in 1662 that the diarist Samuel Pepys noted the first recorded performance of "Punch and Judy".

That's not the only reason it's referred to as the Actors' Church, however, as inside it holds memorials to Noel Coward, Charlie Chaplin, Ivor Novello and Gracie Fields.

For more information on this fascinating church, visit http://www.actorschurch.org or take a look at the Wikipedia page

Click here to see the location on a map.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of aromano^

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