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22 January 2014

Take your little ones to Three Mills Playspace

It seems playgrounds have come on a great deal since your author was young enough to use them, and when during an East London ramble on Friday he came across the Wild Kingdom on Three Mills Green in Newham, it was quite amazing. For the Wild Kingdom doesn't just have a swing and a slide, it also has hammocks, trampolines, ping pong tables, nets, ropes and giant tree stumps.

The was the result of the 2001 redesign of Three Mills Green by Churchman Landscape Architects and 5th Studio. In tandem with the works, an international design competition was run by the Architecture Foundation to find new proposals for the play area. Wild Kingdom was the work of We Made That and Free Play, and was selected as the winning entry.

For more, see http://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/en/content/cms/nature/nature-reserve/three-mills-island/#wild-kingdom

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