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24 March 2013

Tour 19 Princelet Street

Your author tries not to repeat himself too much but as he will be spending the afternoon volunteering at 19 Princelet Street, the Museum of Immigration and Diversity off Brick Lane, it seems fitting to mention that the house will once again be open this afternoon from 2pm - 4pm.

The house was built in the 18th century in green fields just outside the boundary of the City of London that once belonged to the Hospital of St Mary without Bishopsgate - "St Mary Spital" - and its fascinating story saw it be home to a family of Huguenot weavers, before later as a synagogue at the centre of the local Jewish community, later cared for by reclusive caretaker David Rodinsky. Today, efforts are afoot to stabilise the fragile house for the future and the rare openings are a great opportunity to experience its magic.

For more, see http://www.19princeletstreet.org.uk/

^Picture © Jim Linwood used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. Hello,

    I think I saw you keeping us in a straight line next to the wall :P

    I went there not knowing so much about it or what I was going to see, and I had such a wonderful experience. You can feel the history, people´s lifes, the loss, the hope... it is extraordinary.

    Thank you very much to all the volunteers who dedicated time in such a freezing day and the support all of you give to maintain this piece of history.

    Virginia x

  2. That was me! Thanks for putting up with being herded against the wall. It really does make a difference to be sympathetic to everyone who lives in the street.

    Thanks for coming. I love the place so it's a pleasure to volunteer there, but it is made all the better that everyone else is so enthusiastic.

  3. Excuse me going off the subject here but what would an experienced Londoner recommend to somewhat frozen visitors trying to enjoy London at this time in this delightful but rather debilitating weather?

  4. http://www.timeout.com/london/bars-and-pubs/londons-best-bars-and-pubs-with-open-fires

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