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7 March 2013

Eat lunch on Strutton Ground

Every lunchtime, hundreds of civil servants and others descend on Strutton Ground, off Victoria Street to seek sustenance, making their choice from many competing outlets including David Miliband's favourite chippy the Laughing Halibut and a number of market stalls which spread out along the cobbled streets.

Though a few national brands have tried to muscle in in recent years, the street is still marked by independent outlets and one of your author's favourites is Stiles Bakery, which offers a range of baguettes, as well as drinks and cakes and probably something more healthy for a price that blows the chains out of the water, all served quickly and with a friendly smile.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strutton_Ground_Market
^Picture © Graham Horn used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. I'm temping nearby for the first time since 1990 and was amazed and pleased to see Stiles was still going and still selling boxes of assorted cake slices for office birthday celebrations. I was working at the Home Office back then & we always went to Stiles. The baguettes seem to be their biggest product today and are as you say incredibly good value.

  2. I work at 55 Broadway, London Underground's headquarters and Stiles has a loyal following here.