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4 March 2013

See Paddington at Paddington

The Peruvian bear created by Michael Bond in the 1950s became almost as famous as the station itself, and so it is fitting that a statue of the bear now sits on the concourse at the station, designed by Marcus Cornish in 2000, based on the original illustrations of Peggy Fortnum.

Paddington was based on a real teddy bear that Bond found alone on a toy shop shelf on Christmas Eve 1956 when he lived close to the station, and it seems fitting to find him sat here, bearing his tag which famously reads "Please look after this bear".

For more, see http://blog.onetravel.com/travel/paddington-bear-at-paddington-station.aspx


  1. An interesting bit of trivia I stumbled accross the other day; did you know that it was Jeremy Clarkson's mother who started making Paddington Bears for purchase? She made one for a family member and then other friends and family wanted them. She then thought she might be onto something and bought the rights to produce them. It was her who gave Paddington the wellingtons; in order that he could stand up.

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  3. That is interesting, there's an article about it here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1026641/Ever-wondered-Jeremy-Clarkson-trouble-Well-meet-mum-.html