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25 March 2013

Find the UN General Assembly's first meeting place

Though the UN is now more associated with New York and Geneva, in early 1946 - following the end of the Second World War - London was chosen for the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which was held in London at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. The delegates were welcomed by Birime Minister Clement Attlee to a grand hall that we are told was specially decorated in blue and gold, and flags of all the participating nations lining the walls.

Though the UN had officially come into being the previous October, when the Charter of the United Nations was ratified by original five members of the Security Council, this was the first time the original 51 member countries had come together, in the early stages of an organisation charged with maintaining peace in the post-war period.

For more, see http://www.c-h-w.com/Venue/background-to-the-building/

^Picture © OwenBlacker used under a Creative Commons license^

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