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30 March 2012

Stay at the DoubleTree Hilton Tower of London

When a particularly persistent offer to stay at a generic central London hotel arrived recently on your author's desk he decided, unlike perhaps more scrupulous London bloggers, to give in and explore the life of a London hotel-based tourist. Largely free from note other than its boast of 'the largest living green wall in Europe', the Double Tree Hilton on Peyps Street, EC3 is a pretty soulless place, serving business people and occasional tourists. That said, it is certainly a well-positioned and comfortable place to stay.

There are even occasional chinks in the armour of anonymous corporatism, and in the shiny rooftop bar, international cocktails and lagers are served alongside bottled English Ales, and whilst some staff focus on checking business cards and recite carefully prepared lines, others even make proper conversation like real people, musing about walks into work along the river, and joining in jokes about how the place would be better with wood paneling, an inglenook fireplace and a nice pub dog.

These glimmers of hope, combined with good views to the Shard, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge and the impressive range of gadgets and furniture in the rooms, makes it a decent place for a rest, and as your author emerged into the Sunday morning light he even found a family of guests playing football under falling tree blossoms on the pavement outside the lobby window, demonstrating that not everyone who stays in London hotels is a lonely businessman.

To see some pictures of the visit click here, or for more in the hotel, see http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/hotel/LONTLDI-DoubleTree-by-Hilton-Hotel-London-Tower-of-London-/index.do


  1. Next time I need an decent rest in a soulless but well-positioned building, blessed by anonymous corporatism and semi-enthusiastic staff, I'll be sure to consider the DoubleTree :)

  2. Hi
    Would love to spend a night here. I have often passed it. how can I get them to pester me. :)

    Kate from www.love-london-museums.com

  3. Glad there was no mention of money for the DoubleTree Tower, I always assume I can't afford it when ads are completely silent about cost versus value. Odd they brag about tearing down Pepy's house to build yet another blot on the landscape. Thank you, however, for introducing me to the Diamond Geezer blog. And for the subsequent knowledge of what that terms means. So hard to keep up, here in Texas.

  4. Hilarious that you tagged this post "hotels, sellout, things to do". Actually it looks like they gave you a lovely room.

  5. Thanks everyone. Jenny, you're right, it really was a lovely room, I'm just not very good at this sort of thing

  6. Fantastic views, shame the room looks so bland.