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12 March 2012

Buy books at My Back Pages

Though in places the books are rather pricey, presumably to match the big boy of the second hand book market, The Oxfam, My Back Pages in Balham opened in 1991, and is a pleasant place to while away an hour or so, and has a fantastic array of books.

Stuffed onto the shelves, in a way that seems ramshackle, but is actually rather well sorted and ordered, the shop is larger than many London second hand bookshops, and has the intriguing trait of offering new books beside the old on the shelves. My back pages boasts second-hand, antiquarian and new books, and for real bargain-hunters there are also a few boxes of 50p specials out the front.

For more, see http://www.abebooks.co.uk/my-back-pages-balham-london/4714790/sf


  1. Loved this find as it's the book shop that I get all of my books from! A true gem that has it's own story written on every shelf!

  2. When I am looking for some holiday reads or just some literary inspiration this is always my first point of call. I always come away with something unexpected. Forget the Waterstones top 20 - this place is packed to the rafters with everything from contemporary fiction, poetry, the literary greats to non-fiction history, science, philosophy or business books. They have got every genre covered. Second-hand is great for the environment but they also sell the latest new books too.
    A kindle and the internet are no replacement for browsing through a fascinating bookshop like this one. It is a priviledge to have this on my doorstep in Balham and I just want more people to hear about it and experience it!