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8 March 2012

Sit in St George's Square

A rarity in Pimlico in that it is a green space which isn't behind locked gates, St George's Square is a peaceful place to pass half an hour or so, with plenty of quiet benches around the edges, and the central fountain broken only by occasional noise drifting over from the playgrounds of Paddington Academy.

We are told that the Square was a byproduct of the laying out of two streets in 1839, and by 1843 it had been developed into a formal square, open to the Thames at one end. Today, but for the A3212 which slices through it, it remains much as it might have been when Bram Stoker lived at number 26 until his death in April 1912. To your author, the square is also known as 60p tea square, thanks for the Cabbie's Shelter which sits on Lupus Street at the Northern end.

For more, see http://www.westminster.gov.uk/services/environment/landandpremises/parksandopenspaces/st-georges-square-consultation/

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  1. I love your blog...I'll come back for more suggestions of places to go. Thanks to newly acquired free time I've recently started to make more of living in London (and other things...) and started a blog about it this week.