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22 March 2012

Attend a talk at Dr Johnson's House

It won't surprise many readers to hear that your author is an admirer of Dr Samuel Johnson, and his house in Gough Square is a fascinating place to visit. There could be no better opportunity than tonight, the museum's very talented curator, Stephanie Chapman, is giving an illustrated lecture on Johnson's visits to different country houses around the country, which sounds fascinating.

We are told that the talk will concentrate on Johnson's visits to Kedleston and Chatsworth, taking a look at the great man's experiences and his predictably vociferous opinions of his visits. As the museum is small, tickets (£12) are limited so please check the website, and telephone ahead if necessary.

For more, see http://www.drjohnsonshouse.org/events.htm


  1. Now this would be a lecture I would definitely attend. Firstly I would be fascinated to hear about Johnson's visits to Kedleston and Chatsworth, and his opinions of those families. But I am also fascinated with the architecture of Johnson's own home and any interior decoration that may be left.

    *sigh* I blame my parents for choosing Australia as a country to live in. Fabulous country, but too far away from great lectures, stately home tours etc.

    1. You must check it out next time you visit. I don't know how much of the interior is original, but I was fascinated by the amazing hinged 'walls' on the upper floor, which meant the whole floor could be used as one long room, or divided into three with remarkable ease. A genius arrangement, that they didn't make enough of a fuss about to my mind.