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20 March 2012

Have lunch at Wesley's Cafe

Whilst your author regularly hears a complaint from visitors that there is nowhere to eat in Westminster, there are in fact quite a few places, though some of them are rather more hidden than others. Though it certainly isn't gastronomic, Wesley's Cafe, in the bowels of Westminster Central Hall, is a functional place to get a bite to eat and a cup of tea without breaking the bank.

The cafe is popular at lunchtime, but refreshingly for this part of town there are enough seats so that when your author dropped in yesterday it was busy but there were plenty of tables free. Thankfully a school group decided to leave just after your author arrived, as well, making lunch a more peaceful experience.

The cafe is open daily until 4pm and the daily lunch special is £4.99. It's just a shame about the UHT milk. For more, see http://www.c-h-w.com/wesleys-cafe/


  1. I am very glad that the schoolchildren were out and about in Westminster. Learning in situ is often more valuable than learning from books.

    But... but....not when I eat, thank you very much. Anyone who has had adolescent children of their own will understand :)

  2. I found your blog because I was looking for Jacob the Circle Dray horse. I'm taking some friends to London in Sept. so all these little hidden gems are just what I need to make their trip special. Thanks so much.