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28 March 2012

Eat in the Whitechapel Gallery Library Dining Room

Whitechapel Gallery is a fantastic place, and not just because they have the Tired of London, Tired of Life book right by the till in their bookshop. They also have loads of art and stuff, and even an award-winning restaurant.

A personal highlight, in which your author passed a very pleasant evening last week, is the Gallery's Library Dining Room, designed by Artek furniture, with artwork by artist Christian Boltanski, which is available for groups of 8-14 people to hire for free as long as they are eating. It is a great place for group conversation, and the staff are excellent, meaning you barely have to step outside before the end of the night.

For more information, see http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/venue-hire/the-spaces/library-dining-room

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