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6 March 2012

See the Map Room at the Charles Lamb

Your author passed a thoroughly enjoyable evening last week on the Londonist A-Z Pubcrawl, sampling a few of the best pubs in Angel, and beginning at the Charles Lamb on Elia Street near Angel Tube Station.

The pub is a testament to what can be achieved with love and care at a backstreet local and one particularly interesting aspect for lovers of cartography like your author is the map room, with walls adorned with a number of beautiful London maps, in fine surroundings with a friendly crowd. Not to mention good food, ale and atmosphere.

For more, see http://www.thecharleslambpub.com/


  1. *Cartography

    Sorry, love the blog!


  2. I always thought the two were interchangeable. Anyway...have changed. Thanks.

  3. Stephen Walter's map The Island is phenomenal. Seen it twice in different locations. If I had a wall big enough I'd buy a copy. And I am a cartographer.