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17 August 2011

Eat at Whole Foods

Your author prides himself on his up to date articles, so a mere three years after it opened in High Street Kensington, he finally found time to pop down to American Whole Foods, for a spot of lunch.

The result is a shop downstairs, which sells food and that sort of thing, and a not-too-horrendously priced food court upstairs, which is a cross between Harrods Food Hall and Tebay Services, on the M6. It was fine, and worth popping into if you're in a rush, but it is unlikely to change the world.

For more information, see http://wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/kensington/

1 comment:

  1. I'm amazed at the difference between the US and UK Whole Foods. In the States - at least in California and New York - Whole Foods is a very upmarket supermarket. Certainly expensive, but full of very high quality food. And they are huge shops, almost exclusively selling food you take home and cook yourself. I loved Whole Foods.

    Here they are mostly mid-size, mid-price sandwich shops and herbal medicine sellers. A very different range of products and a very different atmosphere. I went into the Camden Town one once, and really wouldn't bother going back.

    Anyone know why they are such different beasts either side of the Atlantic?