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10 August 2011

Visit the South London Gallery

Back to normal today, and originally established as the South London Fine Art Gallery in 1891, the South London Gallery continues to operate as a free gallery for people in South London.

Your author cycled over yesterday, past the battered Peckham branches of Ladbrookes and Burger King, and predictably found it light and busy with people, like the world beyond Sky News actually is.

Currently, an interesting exhibition upstairs by Paul Etienne Lincoln is complemented downstairs by Tue Greenford's Where the People Will Go, which explores the Gallery's environment, locality and relationship with the neighbouring Sceaux Gardens housing estate.

For more information, see http://www.southlondongallery.org.


  1. 'Like the world beyond Sky News'. Thanks for reminding me that there is one - great post

  2. thanks for this - i've been meaning to go for ages! will do now.

    give this a look if you get a chance - london satire: http://kateinthecountryside.blogspot.com/