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1 August 2011

Examine the tat at Fancy That

Your author finds tourism fascinating, and whilst there an infinite number of better places to spend time as a tourist, there is probably no better place to observe tourists than at shops like Fancy That Of London.

The degrees of junk available at shops like Fancy That is truly amazing, from keyrings to gift teas and royal memorabilia. It is truly amazing to examine the degrees of items on offer, and see the visitors queuing up to spend money on them.

Your author has never had much time for amassing things - except perhaps books and bottles - and perhaps this is why he finds the phenomenon so interesting. Why on earth does anyone need a golden collage of London monuments?

For more, see http://www.fancythatoflondon.co.uk/


  1. Nooooooooo! Try this instead http://bit.ly/ojqj2s

  2. Ah well, sometimes you just have to have a bit of junk to remember a place you've visited. We were in London in May and specifically sought out a store called Cool Britannia, located in Picadilly Circus. This place has to be the Crown Jewel of junky tourist shops. Even as a tourist looking for such things, I found Cool Britannia to be disgustingly stocked with nothing of any real value. Not even as junk. Even their postcards were cheap and awkward.

    The best place to buy touristy schlock is at any of the museum gift shops. Their junk is high-quality junk! My daughter spent $5 of her hard-earned money on gold crown-topped pencils from the Queen's Gallery shop at Buckingham Palace. Now that's something worth wasting money on!

  3. Agreed I.D. Plus, museum and gallery gift shops are a great source of revenue for institutions, and profits can go straight back into the art/history.