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3 August 2011

Drink at the Dean Swift

It isn't London's best pub, but it is a rather nice place to have a drink on a weeknight, and it has never been busy when your author has popped in, so let's examine the Dean Swift, in the warehouse area of Butler's Wharf.

The pub is attractive from the outside and inside it has that sort of anonymous nice pub without any of the history look, and a mixed crowd who mostly look like they work in the surrounding area. They call themselves a "local beer house", and they do have a range of beers, which were quite well kept.

For more information, see http://thedeanswift.com/


  1. Do be careful which beer you pick, however. I didn't like the look of any of the draught beers and tried the 'guest import'. Turned out to be six pounds (SIX!) for a pint. Reassuringly extortionate.

  2. Great blog! Ive never been to this pub, it looks quite nice from the outside - Ill have to give it a go..any excuse to drink on a school night!