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26 August 2011

Borrow books from Durning Library

Some people complain it is boring when your author features libraries, but they just don't understand. As an example, Durning Library in Kennington is housed in a beautiful building, designed by S Sidney RJ Smith, the architect of the Tate Gallery, and lends books out for free.

Opened in 1889, as one of the first public libraries in Lambeth, the Library is still open today six days a week at its premises on Kennington Lane. It was founded by Jemina Durning Smith, the sister-in-law of Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence, a Library Commissioner.

One notable feature of the library is a small bookcase in the entrance hall, containing a collection of books donated by Wanda Newby, wife of the late travel writer Eric Newby, who lived locally. It's very interesting.

For more on the library, see http://landmark.lambeth.gov.uk/display_page.asp?section=landmark&id=1311

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the gorgeous library post! Who could complain about this building? I wish I were close enough to go and check it out!