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9 August 2011

Calm down

Your author knows no one who has been up to mischief for the last few days will be reading. They don't seem to appreciate any of the good things about London. But, if the awful rolling scenes all day weren't enough, the bad lads who amassed outside the front door around 10pm convinced him it's all a very bad idea, and were a bit of a distraction from proper blog-writing.

We all know this is stupid, and it's difficult to understand why it's happening. Sure, a few disaffected youngsters might feel like being involved is cool and edgy, and they might even get a bit of money for the stuff they're robbing, but it isn't how things should be.

When they're older they'll regret the fear they instilled in people, and the damage they caused to people's lives. It's just a shame that a load of middle aged politicians and police officers telling them this seem so irrelevant to them.

For more, Londonist has been providing some stellar coverage at http://londonist.com/tags/riots. And if anyone needs any help tomorrow, your author is very good with a broom.

^Picture © StuartBannocks used under Creative Commons^

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