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16 July 2011

Visit the new wing at the National Maritime Museum

Your author happened to be wandering in Greenwich yesterday afternoon and discovered that a new wing at the National Maritime Museum had opened this week, thanks to a £20m gift to the Museum from the late shipping magnate and philanthropist, Mr Sammy Ofer.

Sadly, Ofer died a month and a half ago at his home in Israel, but he would have every reason to be proud of his new wing, which brings a museum which people have previously been too quick to deride right up to date, even though it does change the entrance so it is on the wrong side.

The new Sammy Ofer Wing presents a new exhibition space - currently showing an exhibition on the High Arctic - an archive research centre, a cafe and a new shop, amongst other things.

For more, see http://www.nmm.ac.uk/about/sammy-ofer-wing/


  1. I understand that the new wing tells the story of Britain and the sea, illustrating the contemporary significance of maritime histories and the personal stories of our island nation. But as part of the UNESCO Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, the National Maritime Museum is already the hugest anywhere! What might a new wing add?

  2. The new wing is a real shame, no content, a crampt and over-styled cafe serving very mediocre food and literally no indication of any maritime theme on entry apart from some rather lame typographic displays. The museum has never been 'derided' so no idea where that pronouncement has come from, its a fantastic museum with some amazing artefacts, and a largely wonderful space well used. This new 'wing' has little to offer except a libary (ok that's useful) a bigger shop and a very large lift in the middle. Literally what was the point? And to decommission the stately and thrilling main entrance is bizarre, totally egocentric of the architect and astoundingly bad judgement.

  3. Like the brass sign, quality, any idea who made it!

  4. No idea about the sign. I definitely agree though.