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12 July 2011

Admire the Hotel Russell

Your author has never been inside the Hotel Russell, on Russell Square in Bloomsbury, but from outside the architecture - with design by architect Charles Fitzroy Doll - is very striking.

The 373 room hotel opened on Derby Day 1900 and is described by The London Encyclopedia as a fantasty 'Francois-premier chateau' hotel, whatever that means.

For more information, you could visit the distinctly uninspiring website at http://www.londonrussellhotel.co.uk/, but instead your author suggests you have a look at some of the brilliant photographs on flickr.


  1. I stayed at the Hotel Russell a few years ago, because of a] its fabulous external appearance and b] its proximity to the museums I wanted to visit. The interior is no better or no worse than most other hotels I have been in.

    One night I rushed out to a dinner and was devastated to find I didn't have the address of the peoples' home. The concierge at the Hotel Russell let himself into my hotel room, found the address I needed and rang me back. Above and beyond the call of duty, I call it. He saved my social life!

  2. As ever, Hels, your comments are very insightful. Thank you!

  3. This building was one of the reasons for my relocation to Bloomsbury - have been living here for 1.5 years now and still admire it every time I see it!

  4. This hotel is incredible! Inside isn't as striking as outside, but it's one of London's best buildings.

  5. I've always wanted to stay here as it's so beautiful! Hoping to stop by next time I'm in the city. :)

    Was introduced to your blog by a friend and absolutely love it!