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21 July 2011

Borrow books from Manor House Library

Your author is a big fan of the work and staff at Manor House Library, in South East London. You can go there, pick out loads of books, and take them home with you. It's fantastic. Sure, it costs a lot in terms of council tax every month, but they're always so friendly.

The Manor House itself is a Grade II* listed building, and if the rough illustration above doesn't do it justice - or include the huge guns which stand at the front - your author must apologise. You can see a real picture here.

For more from the Society who protect the surrounding area, see http://www.librarylondon.org/localgroups/lewisham/manorhouse.htm


  1. A good library is essential and you’re quite right, there is something just fantastic about picking up a pile of things you want and being able to take them home for nothing. A well stocked library is also very handy if you haven’t much shelf space for books at home!

    I’m lucky enough to work in the City of London and have access to their three libraries, including the extensive collection at the Barbican. I’ve always found librarians to be a helpful and friendly bunch, and it’s a part of my council tax I’ve never begrudged.

  2. I like the illustration better than the photo link.

  3. Thanks Chaz and thanks anonymous. I did it myself!