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6 July 2011

Admire the Pagoda at Kew

The Pagoda at Kew looks like a fairly new addition, but though it has been through a few restorations, there has been a pagoda here since 1762, when it was designed by Sir William Chambers in a Chinese style.

The original Pagoda was, we are told, covered with dragon, with eighty carved from wood and gilded with real gold. Today, whilst the Pagoda has lost some of its decoration, it is certainly no less striking,
sitting at the centre of various vistas which are part of the gardens grand plan, lined with trees of all kinds.

For more on the Pagoda, see http://www.kew.org/heritage/places/pagoda.html

1 comment:

  1. Have you seen the hilarious panoramic photograph at the base of the pagoda? It labels significant buildings that can be seen from the top of the pagoda, but one of the labels says 'Swiss Re Building (The Erotic Gherkin)'.
    Every time I go there I think I must have imagined it.