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19 July 2011

Visit Golders Green Jewish Cemetery

Founded in 1895, the Jewish Cemetery, on Hoop Lane in Golders Green is divided into different areas, with Orthodox Sephardic Jews buried in the Eastern section, with the feet of the dead facing Jerusalem, and the upright headstones of Reform Jews in the Western section.

Famous people interned in the Cemetery include early twentieth century barrister and biographer Philip Guedalla, pianist, conductor and composer Sir Frederic Cowen, and cellist Jacqueline du Pré.

For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golders_Green_Jewish_Cemetery

^Picture © bluerasberry used under Creative Commons^


  1. There is another interesting Jewish Ceemetary in Willsden Green, Barney Barnato & thr Rothschilds are buried there

  2. Thanks Paul. Good to have your input.

  3. Hello Tom,

    I just found your fascinating blog and I really appreciate it!

    I'm from Austria and London is my favorite city. I go there at least once a year, love and know it, but there's still so many places to discover and experiences to make.

    My brother and I are visiting London again in August and we'll definitely see some places you recommend :-)

    Keep on like that!

  4. While you're there, pop into Golders Green Crematorium over the road - lots of famous (Sigmund Freud, Anna Pavlova, Hughie Green, Marc Bolan, Bud Flanagan, Bernie Winters, Keith Moon...) and not-famous people commemorated there, plus stunning gardens to walk round.

  5. Willsden Green is where the great Spanish opera singer Conchita Supervia is buried - if that doesn't sound very Jewish to you, she converted when she married.