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20 July 2011

Drink at the Island Queen

An attractive little Mitchells & Butlers pub near the canal and Boris' house in Islington, your author has never had a disappointing visit to the Island Queen.

The pubs high ceilings, central bar, food and ales make it a pleasant spot, and the front area is especially nice on summers evenings. Though this isn't important on the autumnal evenings we are having at the moment, it's worth considering for next April.

For more, see the new rent-a-website which appears to have been rolled out to all M&B pubs at http://www.theislandqueenislington.co.uk/


  1. Always happy to get a good pub recommendation...and it seems like we like the same sort of place.

    Great blog, have subscribed to the RSS feed.

  2. Near Boris Johnson's house? Boris lives on Furlong Road, a mile and a half away.

    So, yes, near, but not as near as, say, the canal ;)