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10 November 2010

Wander in the Phoenix Garden

The Phoenix Garden is a community garden located in St Giles district of Camden, just behind the Phoenix Theatre. It was designed to give people working in the West End a green retreat and a chance to see some nature.

Started in 1984, it is maintained by volunteers from a registered charitable trust who created the garden on the site of an old car park, which had previously been a Second World War bombsite.

The garden is open every day from 8.30am until dusk and holds special events throughout the year, including an annual agricultural show. For more, visit http://www.phoenixgarden.btck.co.uk/

^Picture © Phillie Casablanca used under Creative Commons^


  1. Is the Stik piece still on the back wall?? Haven't been in a while...

  2. Thanks for the review of the garden! I am chair of the garden - we are a charity run by local people and if anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact us through our website www.phoenixgarden.org