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12 November 2010

Walk over the Mile End Green Bridge

When the designers were creating the 90 acre Mile End Park, in London's East End, they were keen not to let Mile End Road, which bisects the park, spoil its linear design.

For this reason, they created the Mile End Green Bridge, a living bridge which carries the park over the Mile End Road with grass and plants on either side, suspended in mid air.

Created with the help of a Lottery grant of £12.3 million from the Millennium Commission, and designed by local resident and architect Piers Gough, the foot and cycle bridge, spans 25 metres and five lanes of traffic to unite the south and north sides of the park. We are told that 75,000 drivers pass underneath every day.

For more on the bridge, see here.


  1. Done this many times.. lots of good stuff in that park to, although I don't think utilised as much as it should be by the locals

  2. And so many of those 75,000 drivers are going on short journeys that ought to be done by bicycle instead...