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4 November 2010

Relax in the Pembury Tavern

It's British Pubs Week this week, so your author is trying to crowbar in as many pubs as possible. It is, therefore, time to mention a lovely pub up in Hackney, the Pembury Tavern.

Built in the mid 19th Century, and closed in the late 1990s following a fire, and it wasn't until 2006 that it reopened, with links to the Cambridge-based Milton Brewery.

Now it offers an amazing sixteen handpumps, and serves a selection of ales from the Milton Brewery, and other British microbreweries. It also holds three beer festivals a year, the next of which is due to begin on 17th November, daily food - including pizza - on an ever-changing menu, allows pets and offers free wireless broadband.

It has its own Tuesday-evening chess club, and also offers draughts, Scrabble, backgammon, playing cards and dominoes. Given that they can fit in all this, as you might expect, it is pleasantly spacious inside.

If there's anything else you're searching for, have a look on the website here.


  1. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  2. Thanks, though I don't think my skill is that abundant!

  3. Tis a nice place.

  4. Great pub! Good choice of beer and you are allowed to taste them before buying.

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  6. Despite living in Greenwich, the Pembury is the only pub I go to regularly.

    (Minor technical note; I'm pretty sure it's actually a freehouse owned by Individual Pubs, not owned by Milton. The owner just happens to like Milton rather a lot (and who could blame him? :))

  7. I lived in the Pembury Tavern circa 1948/1949 my dad was the landlord at the time. We had an Australian barman called "Bluey", weren't they all. There was a parrot used to sit on the bar (in a cage) and he could swear worse than any seagoing salt. Oh happy days.