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24 November 2010

Browse the art at the William Weston Gallery

Founded in 1967, and named after its owner, the William Weston Gallery is located in the Royal Arcade, W1, and prides itself on being the longest established specialist gallery in England dealing in European and British Master Prints.

It is a commercial art gallery, but boasts that works which once hung on its walls are now in more than 50 museums and public collections around the country, and that Mr Weston himself is often called upon to act as a consultant and valuations advisor for 'proper' galleries and museums.

It's a pleasant little space, and only takes a few minutes to browse the works on offer, unless you're trying to prove that you really know about art, in which case you have to stare for ages. All the works, when your author popped in last week, were sadly beyond his means, but probably best that it is left to other people to buy them anyway. They will appreciate them more.

For more, see http://www.williamweston.co.uk/


  1. oooooohhh I would definitely enjoy the prints, but then I would really love Royal Arcade. I think it is all about location, location, location :)

  2. It is a nice arcade. You can see another picture I took:

    Click here

  3. *moan of pleasure* As you know I love elegant shopping arcades, and created a link with your blog in http://melbourneblogger.blogspot.com/2009/09/burlington-arcade-is-covered-shopping.html

    But I didn't visualise where the William Weston Gallery was located because the photo looked out into the street and not back into the arcade. I think the gallery owners were very insightful!