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25 November 2010

Stay at the Tune Hotel

Having heard a lot about the new branch of Malaysian budget hotel chain Tune Hotels which has opened in Lambeth, in the shadow of Waterloo Station, your author was keen to find out what it was actually like. Thankfully, the chain's marketing people were very keen on this idea and your author ended up spending Sunday night there.

The rooms themselves are, as readers might expect, rather pokey, and the bathroom similarly tiny, but when you are looking for a budget room this is usually acceptable. However, the fact that you have to pay for extras like the TV, or even a towel, does seem a bit steep, especially when the cheapest you seem to be able to get a room for is the £49 your author would have paid if he hadn't been on a freebie.

However, London does have a shortage of hotel rooms, especially at the lower end of the market, and this one is centrally located, clean and ticks the necessary box of being a place where you can sleep, which is often all budget customers are looking for. And the beds, in which they have invested a fair amount in order to keep banging on about them in all their marketing, were nice enough.

Your author just can't work out how they have the nerve to say the hotel is in Westminster. Admittedly it's less than ten minutes walk to the bridge, but this hotel is most definitely above a Costa in Lambeth. And there's nothing wrong with that. For more on the Tune Hotel see Bryony Gordon's bit in the Telegraph here, some photos here, or the website here.

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  1. You should try the "Yotel" at Heathrow.