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23 November 2010

Visit the South Bank German Market

Your author is reluctant to feature anything which bills itself as 'Christmas' themed so early in the year, but there is something rather pleasant about wandering the German Market which set up on the South Bank last week.

With the temperatures now distinctly wintry, you have to take your chances to be in the open air where you can get them, and the market at least lets you sip warming Gl├╝hwein in an M.D.F. 'Chalet', or take your pick of ales from the Outside Inn.

There are also various German and non-German foodstalls, selling Bratwurst and other dishes which appear to vary in quality between tasty-looking and pretty ropey. There are, of course, also the usual tat and gift stalls, and also an awful-sounding 'Santa’s Secret Village', which should be avoided like the plague.

It's a nice spot if you're looking for somewhere to wander, but it will probably get busier and you will only want to go once. Now in its third year, the market is only featured here to get it over with before the decent seasonal-offerings open up.

For more, see here.

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