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9 November 2010

Drink at the Chandos

Your author can never quite decide whether he loves or hates the Chandos, on St Martins Lane just off Trafalgar Square, but it is certainly worthy of a mention as one of London's most central pubs.

One of a number of pubs owned and operated by the Samuel Smith brewery, in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, its spartan interior has two levels, with the downstairs bar largely open except for large booths along the windows and an upstairs bar with a more comfortable feel.

If you can get hold of a booth downstairs and a swift half of Pure Brewed Lager or an Old Brewery Bitter, and it's quiet it can be very pleasant. If, however, you find yourself upstairs in the Opera Room on a Friday evening you will find it so busy you will wish you'd stayed at home.

Regardless, it's a fairly decent pub with an interesting interior and good value unbranded drinks. Whilst the pub purists from Sammy Smiths are in charge it's definitely worth a look.

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  1. I am quite keen on the pub, although only the upstairs area.

    I tend to avoid the "friday night crush", and sadly, there has been an influx of parents&babies at weekend afternoons, but if you get a window seat during summer, it is lovely.

  2. Don't get me started on parents & babies in pubs...they simply shouldn't be allowed.

    It's bad enough having the little noise-bags in restaurants, galleries and museums ruining my enjoyment without having them in pubs as well, banging and shouting around because they're bored because they shouldn't be there.

    There are plenty of amazing, educational and brilliant places for children in our city. Pubs are meant for adults.