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7 October 2010

Spy Gog and Magog at St Dunstans in the West

On the front of St Dunstans in the West, on Fleet Street, is an interesting clock, with two mannequins who strike the hours and quarters with clubs, and turn their heads. It is thought that the figures might represent Gog and Magog, two mythological giants who are supposedly the guardians of London.

The clock itself dates from 1671, and was famously the first public clock in London to have a minute hand There are numerous literary references to the clock, including in Tom Brown’s Schooldays, the Vicar of Wakefield and a poem by William Cowper.

According to mythology Gog and Magog, who also feature in both the Book of Genesis and the Koran, are the guardians of the City of London, and this is why they have been a traditional part of the Lord Mayor's Show since at least 1554.

For more on St Dunstans, see http://www.stdunstaninthewest.org/

^Picture by Brron^

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