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6 October 2010

Drink at the Nag's Head, Knightsbridge

The Nags Head, on quiet and easily-missed Kinnerton Street in Knightsbridge, is a fiercely independent little pub overflowing with character.

Brimful of locally relevant curios and pub tat, with a small front bar and an even smaller back bar, what it lacks in size - as so often in pubs - it makes up for in character.

When your author has visited, he has never encountered the infamous landlord, Kevin Moran, who is known to tell customers off for using their mobile phones (which are banned) and not hanging up their coats properly, but it is evident that the man knows how to run a decent pub, so he is to be commended.

For more, why not see fancyapint.com, who have awarded it five pints out of five.


  1. Beautiful, picturesque pub. How I miss this!

  2. I've been there a number of times too and also never come across the landlord but one of my group did get a bit of a telling off by the landlady for sitting on the cushioned seat next to the fireplace to warm up.

  3. I have been told off for 'accidental' mobile use, but I think that's part of the charm...