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23 October 2010

Attend the London Anarchist Bookfair

Even Anarchists need to buy their books from somewhere, and today marks the 28th London Anarchist Bookfair, at Queen Mary College in Mile End.

At last year’s bookfair there were apparently around 100 stalls and 50 meetings and lectures from different anarchist groups. There was also an all day cabaret starring assorted ranters, poets, singers and comics, and film showings. They tell us we can expect the same this year.

Your author can be rather patronising about anarchists, often using catch-all phrases like, "that's so sweet, but it will never ever work", but it is always interesting to hear from people who think differently to you, and they have gone to a lot of effort.

For more see http://www.anarchistbookfair.org.uk/index.html

^Picture from the Anarchists at http://www.wombles.org.uk/^

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