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12 October 2010

Examine the Dalston Peace Mural

Your author doesn't make it to Dalston, the land of haircuts and fixed-wheel bikes, often enough, but he had a wander over last Saturday and managed finally to have a proper look at the Dalston Peace Mural.

Designed by Ray Walker and painted by Mike Jones and Anna Walker, the mural supposedly depicts the 1983 Dalston Peace Carnival, though with considerable embellishment and artistic licence.

The mural was funded by the GLC and Hackney Council, and unveiled in 1984 by Tony Banks MP, who was instrumental in approving the funding as part of the GLC’s ‘Peace Year’ in 1983. Whilst Banks is sadly no longer with us, the mural is still as vibrant as ever, and can be easily spotted by anyone wandering down Dalston Lane.

For more information, and some excellent background, see http://easteight.com/?p=194

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  1. friend of mine is onit. gret blog well done and carry on