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21 October 2010

Drink at the Pakenham Arms

Though your author hasn't been in for a little while, the Pakenham Arms, beside Mount Pleasant Royal Mail Sorting Office in Clerkenwell, never disappoints.

A great spot for watching the football, it attracts a mixed crowd of posties, locals and often students from the halls of residence in the surrounding area.

In a time when we didn't have such liberal licensing laws it was known for its longer opening hours, fixed to suit the flexible shift patterns of those working at Mount Pleasant, but it is still a great pub, sourcing much of its produce in the UK and striving to have five ales on tap all the time.

Its a great spot to while away an afternoon. For more, see http://www.pakenhamarms.com/

^Picture © Ewan Munro, used under Creative Commons^


  1. Now this really does take me back, although it was a long time before I found out what it was really called; we just referred to it as 'The Posties' Pub' and would stagger there at closing time.

    Licensing laws have relaxed considerably even in my drinking lifetime (under two decades, just). I think it was only as recently as 1996 when pubs could open on a Sunday afternoon, and getting a drink in the evening after hours at an affordable price (ie, not at a nightclub or hotel bar) was nigh on impossible. Hence the drunken traipse to Mount Pleasant...

  2. "North Farringdon"? Clerkenwell, I think you mean. Go wash your AtoZ out with soap and water.

  3. Oh, I don't know. I was so tired last night when writing this and I puzzled over it for ages.

    I always think of Clerkenwell as further East than this, but it isn't Bloomsbury and it isn't Kings Cross or Islington.

    I agree, in the cold light of day that it is probably Clerkenwell and have changed it