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28 October 2010

Descend into Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors

In the basement of the Last Tuesday Society shop at 11 Mare Street, E8, is Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors, a collection of natural and supernatural objects, assembled on the basis of their aesthetic or historical appeal.

It is, we are told, an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the Kunstkamera, the Russian Museum of Peter the Great, dedicated to the exhibition of "natural and human curiosities and rarities".

Within, you can find anything from winged cats to shrunken heads, two headed teddy bears, human skulls, mummified penises, preserved trigger fingers, medical instruments and naughty books.

It really does have to be seen to be believed, and it is certainly an interesting collection, much of which appears to be for sale. For more information, see http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org/thelittleshop_intro.html


  1. That looks fascinating and well worth a visit. I'll have to give it a go.

    The society itself is a 'Pataphysical organisation, according to their website, which might go a way to explaining the museum...

  2. It is actually very interesting, which is a good thing as it could so easily have been utter arse.