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22 October 2010

Eat at the Regency Cafe

Your author sometimes absolutely amazes himself with how little he actually knows about London. The Regency Cafe, established in 1946 in Pimlico, is a prime example. It has been staring him in the face for years, walking past as he has on countless occasions, but the first time he ever went was yesterday, and he found one of his best friends sat just inside the door.

Populated largely by lunching Civil Servants, and the odd Channel 4 bod, the Regency would probably be described as a 'design classic' in an art magazine, or as a 'quintessential greasy spoon' by a food magazine, but it doesn't appear they are that worried about labels.

What they do is good honest British staples, quickly and at very reasonable prices. It's so iconic in its design that it has been chosen to feature in films and TV, memorably in a scene in 2004's Layer Cake. Most notable of all, however, is the friendly lady serving at the tills who can vary her voice from fantastically loud to a sedate chat in the bat of an eyelid. It has to be seen to be believed.

For more, and some fantastic pictures, see here.

^Picture © Rocker_44 used under Creative Commons^


  1. my local greasy spoon - an absolute gem.

  2. Nice post - we call it the 'shouty' caff - because of the lady with the stentorian voice.

  3. I love this place so much.

  4. i live in the flats next to the Regency Cafe (down from the street cleaning council depot) - and yes event as I lie in bed I can hear them calling out the orders for customers. Woman's gone now, put when I come back from holiday, it always makes me know I'm home. And... when I've been feeling particularly lazy i order a meal and take a plate round at the same time then pick it up in 10mins to take home and eat.. pretending I made it myself... they are great like that

  5. We love this café. We have been living in Pimlico for the last 7 months - we leave tomorrow - and this has been our staple eatery. Alistair, Marco and Claudia are amazing when it comes to letting you know your meal is ready! A very special place.