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2 February 2010

Learn about the War on Photography, with David Hoffman

Your author is often behind the curve, so after missing recommending last week's mass gathering in Trafalgar Square, he might suggest you can still find out about the "I’m a Photographer, not a Terrorist" movement tonight at the Frontline Club with co-founder and veteran filmmaker, David Hoffman.

Hoffman has been a key campaigner against legislation and police restrictions on photography, and is speaking at the Frontline Club, London's club to promote independent current affairs and journalism, to talk about the campaign in more depth, and reflect on the challenges facing the photography profession, particularly the ready availability of free substitutes for photojournalists’ work .

The event costs £12.50 and is followed by a question and answer session moderated by photographer Chris Steele-Perkins. For more information, see http://frontlineclub.com/events/2010/02/in-the-picture-with-david-hoffman-war-on-photography.html

^Picture by Dr John2005 under Creative Commons licence^


  1. Well done for keeping up the fight for photographers to keep their rights to go about their business! Hopefully the government will take on board Lord Carlile's comment in a radio interview, quoted by this month's BFP newsletter: "In my view, section 44 is being used far too often on a random basis without any reasoning behind its use."