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7 February 2010

Have a light lunch at the Markfield Park Cafe

The new cafe in Markfield Park, in Seven Sisters ward, Haringey, opened its doors to the public on Saturday 19th September 2009. The cafe is also known as Pistachios in the Park, as it is run by a franchise with the same name, which runs a number of park cafes and specialises in healthy eating and selling educational wooden toys.

The cafe sits in an extension to the Pump House in the park, which stopped working in 1964 and has undergone extensive restoration by the Markfield Beam Engine and Museum Trust who occupy the building and open it to the public every month, but more about that next Sunday.

The cafe has free wifi, a free car park and sits on the edge of a 7.6 hectare park by the River Lee with football pitches, a children's playground, a BMX park, a bowling green and a rose garden (in season).

The cafe is open 9am-5pm daily and 9.30am-5pm on Sundays. For more, see http://www.pistachiosinthepark.org.uk/page9.htm


  1. And their chocolate and marshmallow brownies are delicious

  2. Not far from here is another water-side cafe - at the sailing centre near the "castle" (climbing centre) a great location, West Reservoir.

  3. Thanks Mark, but sshhhh! I'm saving that one up for another post.

    When you're writing one a day you have to space these things out!