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17 February 2010

Admire the view from Stave Hill

Stave Hill is an artificial mound created in the 1980s overlooking the Russia Dock Woodland, in Rotherhithe, Docklands. The hill is conical and stands 30 foot tall, with steps up one side leading to a viewing platform and a relief map, cast in bronze and designed by Michael Rizzell, showing the former docks which occupied the area.

Nearby Russia Dock and Stave Dock, originally key parts of the Surrey Commercial Docks, which were filled in, also in the 1980s, then redeveloped by the London Docklands Development Corporation. Russia Dock became the site of a woodland and eco park to which your author will return at a later date.

The hill provides great views over Canary Wharf, and when your author was there on a crisp Saturday morning just before Christmas they were matched with excellent vistas of the City of London and South London.

Yesterday evening the forecast for today was sunshine, so if it was right why not take a look. For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stave_Hill

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