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19 February 2010

Discover the World Time Today clock at Piccadilly Circus

Your author felt a bit mean for slating the Insider London Tube Tour a week or two ago on account of its cost, but he stands by his opinions. One thing they did introduce him to, however, was the fantastic World Time Today clock at Piccadilly Circus tube station.

When architect Charles Holden and builder was John Mowlem & Co refurbished the station at a cost of half-a-million-pounds between 1925 and completed in 1928, the clock was installed as a nod to how the world had changed and how the modern commuter needed such futuristic devices to keep abreast of the situation around the world.

The clock features a time band which moves across its central line at the same pace as the earth rotates, and shows the rough time at any point at any time, and whether it is day or night. The only sad thing is that few people notice the clock nowadays in the station's hustle and bustle. As acclaimed London blogger Diamond Geezer observed in 2004, "it's like Piccadilly Circus" round there.

For more on the station as a whole see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piccadilly_Circus_tube_station


  1. wow. I went through here every day for 3 years and never noticed. Definitely looking next time I am back in the UK. Love this blog one of my favourites. :D

  2. I know. It's amazing how you don't see these things when they're staring you in the face.