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12 February 2010

Gaze on the Thames from Dumsey Meadow

Dumsey Meadow is a green space in a bend in the River Thames just downstream from Chertsey Bridge. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and claims to be the only piece of undeveloped water meadow remaining on the River Thames inside the M25.

The Meadow and the river which runs alongside it are the venue for The Chertsey Regatta, an annual regatta which takes place in August and began in 1851. In 2004 the future of the regatta was threatened when the meadow received its Site of Special Scientific Interest designation. However, with the help of the local authorities and English Nature, an agreement was reached allowing the regatta to continue.

Click here to see the meadow on a map or for more on Dumsey Meadow see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumsey_Meadow

^Picture from Wikipedia under Wikimedia Commons^


  1. "Only undeveloped water meadow on the Thames"
    Shame on you,have you forgotten the Thames rises at Kemble and flows past many miles of water meadows before it reaches London?

  2. Well Dad, if you look at how the sentence is structured it says "and claims to be...".

    But yeah, the first bit of the Thames is lovely, but it is outside the M25 and therefore beyond my remit.