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27 February 2010

Have a Pie and a Pint at the Camel, Bethnal Green

Your author spent a very pleasant evening around Bethnal Green this week, and following a reasonably good quality open mic night at the Gallery Cafe, finally got to pop into the Camel on Globe Road.

Understandably in this area it's going to be full of art and media tw*ts, but there was actually a very good mix of people in the pub, and it was as pretty inside as it is outside, with a mix of old and new features blended together in a considerate way.

The pub has a good range of drinks, with some well kept ales in the mix, and your author understands that the 'gourmet' (whatever that means) pies are well worth a try. At £8.95, they're at the top end of the pie pricing scale so one would hope so.

Your author has just done a search on the internet and found out that his review is very similar to that of Time Out. This probably means someone should start paying him for this but he promises there was no copying. Judge for yourself here, or for more on the pies see the East London Advertiser here.

^Picture by rjw1^

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