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9 February 2010

Drink in a Bavarian Beerhouse

Established in 2005 in a basement on City Road, between Shoreditch, Farringdon and Angel, the Bavarian Beerhouse claims to be the UK's only authentic German/Bavarian Restaurant offering a wide selection of German beers, Bavarian food and unique entertainment in a rustic bier keller environment.

The Beerhouse is open daily for drinks and a range of traditional Bavarian food including meat, pretzels and bread imported from Germany. The Restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, closing at at 10pm.

The Beerhouse is open til 11pm Monday to Thursday, til 1am on Friday and Saturday, and until 9pm on Sundays. For more information, see http://www.bavarian-beerhouse.com/

^Picture by murphyz^


  1. Oh I love that place!

    it's quite close to my office, and I had lunch there a couple of times with my colleagues.

    A friday meal with a 1 liter beer is unavoidable!


  2. What about Katzenjammers in Borough?

  3. Yep, fair enough. Katzenjammers means it's not the "UK's only..." as they suggest in the website.

    That'll teach me to just take their word for it.

  4. Why the fuck would you go to a crappy bavarian beerhouse when you have the best pubs in the world all around you?

  5. You mean these pubs?

    And why would you feel the need to swear at me? I'm just trying to come up with an idea a day for people to do in London.

  6. Thanks for the tip Tom! I've known about this place but never been. Got to go and check it out soon.

  7. Zeitgeist in Kennington/Vauxhall is also a great German pub.

  8. Ah! You put this place up! I saw it out the window when riding the 43 recently and thought it was a bit weird. Have you actually been in?

    And their website has little sausages that move when you scroll the cursor over them!

    Man, I'm so easily amused.