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19 February 2009

Watch film at the Mediatheque

At the Mediatheque suite just of the foyer of the BFI Southbank, you can enjoy films from the National Film and Television Archive, one of the world's largest archives of moving-images, comprising thousands of hours of film and television.

The content is available to your choice on small private screens in the Mediatheque suite itself and it's free to view. You can either book or just show up, sit down, and watch.

The Mediatheque is open Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 8pm and Tuesdays 1pm - 8pm. It's free and you can book in advance, should you wish to do so, on 020 7928 3535. For information on some of the films available click here or visit the BFI website at http://www.bfi.org.uk.

^Picture of the BFI reception (mediatheque is just to the right of the desk) from flickr courtesy of Jon & Alison^

1 comment:

  1. There are some fabulous gems to see! My favourites are the films from the early 1900s of London street life - at rush hour it was just as busy then as now, with the added excitement of horse manure to dodge.

    But footy fans should have a look at the Arsenal Stadium Mystery, a thriller made in the early 1930s when Arsenal were doing quite well - a 'Manchester United' of their day, you might say. Delightful old-school English-cinema stuff, quirky humour and all.