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25 February 2009

Swap clothes

Swap-a-rama-razamatazz is a monthly night at Favela Chic based around the theme of clothes swapping.

Admittedly, at first sight it sounds awful but it's not so bad. The organisers like to insist that there are two rules: (i) don't wear anything you can't live without and (ii) whenever the claxon sounds you must swap an item of clothing with the person closest to you.

It's good honest fun and much as it seem like a w*nky shoreditch night out, it is recommended. It you look very closely you might even spot your author in the video above.

Favela Chic is on Great Eastern Street a short distance from Old Street Tube Station. Entry is £3 before 9pm and £5 after. For more information, visit the night's page on myspace at http://uk.myspace.com/swaparamarazzmatazz.

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