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24 February 2009

Stay in John Betjeman's house

43 Cloth Fair, just off Smithfields Market in the City, was once home to John Betjeman, English writer and broadcaster and former Poet Laureate. It is now owned by The Landmark Trust, a charity established in 1965 to rescue historic and architecturally interesting buildings, and rented out as a holiday let by the Trust to raise funds for its upkeep.

Betjeman had many aspects to his personality and alongside his journalistic and poetic careers, he is also noted for his interest in Victorian Architecture at a time when much of it was being demolished. He was a founder member of The Victorian Society, and is famous for his battle to preserve the Euston Arch (one which he ultimately lost) and his more successful campaign to save the iconic Gothic hotel at St Pancras Station, which is now being converted into a new hotel and apartments.

It was at number 43 that Betjeman lived and wrote, and this is also where he reputedly entertained his mistress Lady Elizabeth Cavendish.

The flat can be rented by the week or for three or four day stays throughout the year. Unfortunately, however, you have to have deep pockets and even a few days stay will probably set you back hundreds of pounds. Those who are looking for a more affordable way to remember John Betjeman could do worse than eat in the restaurant downstairs, which bears his name.

For more information on this or any of the Landmark Trust's 186 properties including forts, farmhouses, manor houses, mills, cottages, castles, gatehouses, follies and towers, visit http://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/. For more information on John Betjeman, click here for the article on Wikipedia.

^Picture from Wikipedia under Wikimedia Commons^

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  1. So sorry to see the Betjeman's restuarant has closed. it was one of my favourite places to eat in london. where to now....?