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16 February 2009

Hunt for treasure

Time Out put together an annual treasure hunt in the Spring, and whilst there's a while yet until the 2009 hunt is published, ones from previous years are still available online.

Treasure hunts are a lot of fun, and whatever anyone says they're not just for kids. Avoiding valentine's events like the plague, your author and some friends did the 2007 hunt on Saturday and it was brilliant.

There were a few outdated clues, but it made for a great day out and gave a fresh perspective on the city.

Needless to say, your author's team didn't win, and when it came time to dish out the best prizes £2-£3 in Fopp could buy in the Museum Tavern, we went home empty-handed.

A brilliant day out, though, and we still have the South Bank, West End and Greenwich clues saved up for another day.

You can view the full list of clues (and answers) for the treasure hunt on the ***link temporarily disabled for September Treasure Hunt***.

^Picture of the Hunt by the author^

1 comment:

  1. You might also like to know there's a treasure hunt held by a bar in Vauxhall called The Vauxhall Griffin. They seem to do it on bank holidays. End-of-May one was great.

    Details here: http://www.thevauxhallgriffin.com